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Professional Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy in Ipswich



Founder of the Suffolk Therapy Centre in Ipswich, Noel has been helping people just like you to completely resolve Anxiety, depression and other emotional issues and to live the life they want not suffer the life they fear.

Noel has a vast experience of using a range of powerful therapies including clinical hypnosis.

With Noel’s help many  clients have achieved their goals weather it’s a unwanted behaviour such as stopping smoking, losing weight or drug and alcohol abuse.

Perhaps you have a fear or phobia that holds you back such as fear of social situations or emetophobia ( fear of being or being around sickness ) or maybe you have little confidence and low self esteem in yourself that stops you achieving what you want from life.


I’m Noel Wilson and I’m a full time Professional Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

Hypnotherapists have been working with people to help them resolve their issues for hundreds of years.Noel Wilson

I am a advanced member of the International Association of evidence based Psychotherapy.

I am a down to earth sort of chap, and I ensure through a friendly common sense approach with clients they find an understanding of themselves they never thought possible.

I believe there is no need to ramble on to the client in psychotherapist speak.

They are normal people who will enjoy a quiet, non judgemental, safe environment.

The successful outcome is achieved through a mutual commitment and respect.

My interest in helping people suffering from emotional difficulties goes back many years, when I began working in the voluntary sector.

It sparked a passion that led to my training and qualification as a professional hypnotherapist.

Read what people have said about Hypnotherapy with me on our Testimonials page.

Problems Helped

As a professional supervised hypnotherapist, Noel can help you to overcome many of the problems and symptoms that might be holding you back, or stopping you from leading a happy and fulfilled life.

It might be that you simply want to stop smoking easily – without the hassle of withdrawal… or that you need to resolve some social anxiety that makes you feel lacking in confidence or unable to engage people… either way, your problem will be helped in a professional, caring and non-judgmental way – with a view to resolving your symptom(s) as quickly as possible.

View the list of symptoms that may be effectively treated with Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

About Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis (also known as “Suggestion Therapy”) usually only takes one or two sessions, and is ideal for: stopping smoking, exam nerves, getting on a flight, driving tests etc….

Sessions are very relaxing and last around 50 minutes.

Read more about Clinical Hypnosis HERE

What People Say About Ipswich Hypnosis

“Hi Noel I have lost nearly two stones since I last saw you, I am much happier and feel most of my old self-confidence returning in spades, the boost you gave my self-esteem has put me back on the right track”.


Noel, I’d like to say a huge thank you for what you’ve done for me! I’m a totally different man now.

Everything I’ve learnt from you will be carried with me into the future, which is priceless!

Anyone who is contemplating starting the thrive programme with Noel, I can’t stress enough how beneficial it is.

Noel is a solid guy, very professional yet such a great laugh and easy to connect with, which made the whole experience very enjoyable.

Noel made me feel completely comfortable and at ease throughout and is genuinely a top guy!

As a sufferer of low self esteem and high levels social anxiety, making the decision to start the thrive programme was quite a challenge in itself for me, but after doing it, I wish I had done it years ago.

So thanks again Noel, I am a completely new man since working with you, so keep up the awesome work!


“Hi Just to let you know since seeing you on the 4th of October for your NO SMOKING therapy I have become officialy a NON SMOKER! and feel great. I havent even wanted  or craved one, and although it took a couple of weeks to get used to the habit of not reaching for one.

Thanks so much. I have recommended you and will continue to do so.

You have helped me to get rid of this bind forever.

Once again thank you so much.”

Sarah from Ipswich

Noel WilsonGet in Touch with Noel Wilson D Hyp. MIAEBP

Mobile: 07846 241518

Email:  noel@ipswichhypnosisclinic.co.uk

I offer a FREE, no obligation, initial consultation in a completely confidential environment.