Session Fees at Ipswich Hypnosis

Initial Consultations – FREE

All payments are made at the end of each session.

Suggestion Therapy  hypnosis therapy – £80.00 for the first session inc CD recording of the session, then £60.00 if a follow up session is required.

Smoking Cessation – £145.00  only one session is required to become a Non Smoker – approx two hours – cash only please

Hypno-Band Weight Loss System – £85.00per session (4 sessions)

Please note I accept cheque or cash payment ( smoking is cash only)

Bank transfer payment prior to the session is accepted.

Noel WilsonGet in Touch with Noel Wilson D Hyp. MIAEBP

Mobile: 07846 241518

Email:  noel@ipswichhypnosisclinic.co.uk

I offer a FREE, no obligation, initial consultation in a completely confidential environment.