“Hi Noel, thank you for working with me this spring.

I think I’m good to go now, The Thrive programme really helped and I only had 3 headaches last month compared to at least 7 the month before! I am noticing more unhelpful thinking now and know what to do about it.

I’m enjoying work more and life in general is great – people have even commented on how much happier I look.

I’m doing more exercise and eating better too. I am happy for you to use my comments and would thoroughly recommend Thrive to anyone.

So I will keep on with dreaming and thinking in a helpful way. Many thanks.”

Megan- Suffolk

“I used to suffer with IBS and had tried all pharmacological treatments without any improvement.

It was initially hard to come to terms with the fact that debilitating physical symptoms could be triggered by both conscious and unconscious thought processes.

I only spent three sessions with Noel and have not had any symptoms at all since.

I feel that I am cured from an IBS point of view but also the things I have learnt about myself will help me achieve in all aspects of my life. Thanks again Noel.”

Neil, Suffolk


“Just wanted to say thank you since coming to see you and doing the Thrive therapy, I have completely resolve my insomnia and built my self confidence.”

Maggie Ipswich

“Hi Just to let you know since seeing you on the 4th of October for your NO SMOKING therapy I have become officialy a NON SMOKER! and feel great. I havent even wanted  or craved one, and although it took a couple of weeks to get used to the habit of not reaching for one.

Thanks so much. I have recommended you and will continue to do so.

You have helped me to get rid of this bind forever.

Once again thank you so much.”

Sarah from Ipswich

“Hi Noel, Hope this email finds you well.

Just to let you know, I passed yesterday with just one minor!

So thank you very much for all your help.

The test was really good, and oddly, quite enjoyable after the initial nerves had gone! I listened to the CD four times and last time was just before the test, and it did really help calm my nerves.

Thank you for your positivity and helping me to reach my goal.”

Ellie Priestley

“First of all I’d like to say a big thank you to Noel for his great guidance for my weight loss, secondly I don’t think I would have found my continued loss as easy if we hadn’t of worked through the book ‘Thrive’, It gave me the confidence and self belief to carry on.

The book was very insightful and can be adopted to many ‘addictions’ and phobias.

For all you non believers who are reading this and thinking it won’t work for me it really does work!

Give it a try, what have you got to lose?

Thanks again Noel you’re a life changer.”

Sean. From Felixstowe

Hello Noel,

“I wanted to email you a note of thanks, since starting Thrive and with your help I feel like a different person.

In fact, I guess the way I would best describe how I feel now is whole.

I have so much self confidence now, it’s amazing.

As you know, when I first came to see you confidence was something that I didn’t have, the self blaming & doubt about who I was as person left me exhausted!

I now use all the techniques that you and the workbook set out and they really work!

I feel that I have the ability to deal with whatever life throws at me and I have no doubt about myself.

I am a genuine happy and confident person and I never, ever imagined that it would be possible to achieve.

I loved your no nonsense approach and the fact that you challenged my thinking!

It was fun working with you, despite being in the lowest place in those first few sessions.

Anyone who has struggled with self esteem, confidence and feeling totally helpless should seriously consider the Thrive programme.

I have seen so many counsellors and tried various self help books, but Thrive really and truly, helped me and has changed me so much.

Once again, thank you & I will be back to give up smoking!

Hope your well & if I don’t see you before Merry Christmas.”


“Hi Noel, I have not had a cigarette since our smoking Cessation session on the 31st of August, thank you very much I would recommend you to anyone wishing to make a life changing decision.”


“Hello Noel just to let you know that I am still on track with my life and everything is going great, if it wasnt for you I wouldn’t have made it this far, a huge thank you”.


“Dear Noel I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your kind help and support over the past couple of days, last night I had the best nights sleep ever!!”.


“Dear Noel many thanks for helping me to overcome my phobia of dogs, you have helped me to get in control of my life again, I cannot thank you enough”.


“Hi Noel I have lost nearly two stones since I last saw you, I am much happier and feel most of my old self-confidence returning in spades, the boost you gave my self-esteem has put me back on the right track”.


“Dear Noel many thanks for helping my mum with her fear of flying, she did extremely well in her flight to and from Newcastle, she dealt with it so well that she is now booking a flight to Cyprus. Without your help there is no way she could have managed”.


Hi Noel just thought that I would drop you a line to let you know that I am really pleased I’m 2 lbs off losing 2 stone and have about half a stone to go.

Its been brilliant and easy I’ve completely changed my eating habits thanks”.


“Hi Noel Weight going brilliantly lost over four stone, everyone is stunned  at work as are all my friends, I have gone from strength to strength but I don’t think I could have done it without your help”.


“Hi Noel, I have lost nearly half a stone and am continuing to lose, it’s going really well thank you very much”.


I have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks since before I can remember, and tried every method under the sun in order to get rid of them (or at least learn to cope with them!).

The Thrive programme is the first method that has actually tackled the issue logically, instead of using techniques that I don’t understand and have very short- term effects.

It gives you a true understanding of the feelings you are facing, and allows you to see them from another perspective.

I finally feel like I have a complete understanding of my personality and the traits that have developed with it over the years.

It has given me the power to source these issues and therefore deal with them effectively, with the help of both my therapist Noel Wilson and the advice given in the book.

I would highly recommend the programme to anyone who is fed up of living a sheltered and restricted life due to mental barriers.

It will teach you so much about the human mind and the way we function in every day life.

Suffolk June 2013

I saw Noel because of a sleeping disorder that I had, that caused me to wake after a few hours every night.

After we had finished I found that the very same evening I slept for eight hours straight.

My partner was as pleased as I was.

Thanks again Noel.

Mark Ipswich

Noel, just a short note to say thank you so much.

My bird phobia has gone, and as you said at the time Its gone for good.

You cant imagine how such a silly thing had affected my life.

Thanks once again.
Caroline Ipswich

Dear Noel, I thought you might like to know that I have finally bought that dress we talked about the first time I came to see you.

I admit  at the time I was not sure you could help, as I had tried so many diets and such like without any real success.

Well you were right.

I feel better now than I have felt in years.

Your smiling and reassuring ways made it so much easier than I had expected.
Jill Suffolk